Benalmádena Nursing Home (Málaga)

The ORPEA nursing home for the elderly in Benalmádena (Málaga) is located on the Costa del Sol, with a fantastic climate all year round. Residents feel cared for 24 hours a day, while enjoying a fantastic beach setting free from any worries.


He leído y acepto las condiciones de uso.




  • Permanent stays
  • Temporary stays
  • Holiday stays
  • Weekend stays
  • Convalescence and rehabilitation


  • Double rooms, individual and suites
  • Air conditioning
  • Television
  • Telephone
  • Staff call and communication system
  • Technical support
  • Individual wardrobes
  • Residents are free to personalize their rooms to their taste, with their own furniture



ORPEA’s pledge regarding the situation generated by the COVID-19 pandemic

ORPEA’s main goal is to ensure that its residents feel safe, in a protected and comfortable environment where proper hygiene and disinfection measures are in place. Accordingly, ORPEA complies with the corresponding protection and prevention regulations on health, safety and hygiene in all its centres.
The Admission Protocol for new residents in each centre is as follows:

  • Quantitative serological test.
  • Certificate of disinfection of rooms, carried out by an external company, and periodical disinfection processes in all centres.
  • Round-the-clock medical monitoring.
  • Direct communication channels with the resident’s family members (videocall service or visit protocol, regulated and reviewed in accordance with the instructions of the public authorities in each Autonomous Community).

ORPEA offers both indoor and outdoor therapies and activities for its residents, designed to foster their physical wellbeing and social lives, but always in line with the corresponding safety and prevention measures.

Whether they are staying on a permanent or temporary basis, our residents have access to fully equipped individual and communal areas, excellent residential services and a team of highly qualified professionals who will make them feel right at home.

The centre offers a specialist care service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s or other types of dementia.

The care home has a capacity of 134 places. The residents have the option of staying in individual rooms, double rooms or suites.

All the bedrooms are equipped with a television, telephone and staff call and communication system. The residents are free to personalize their bedroom to their taste, just as they would in their own home.

The rooms are cleaned every day and there is a towel and bed linen changing service. Lunch and dinner are served in the restaurant, although residents have the option of dining in their rooms.ciones.

All kinds of diets are carefully catered for depending on the residents’ needs. Our doctors carry out constant nutritional monitoring. Meals can also be prepared for our residents' guests on request.

At ORPEA Benalmádena, our direct care staff is fully committed to ensuring our residents’ wellbeing 24 hours a day: doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, entertainers, nursing auxiliaries, geriatric carers, etc.

Moreover, the centre boasts all the resources required to ensure the calm and safety of the residents and their families, striving every day to promote the personal autonomy and effective care of people in a situation of dependency.

Nursing home in Málaga (Benalmádena)